CSA Basic Training Program / May 6th & 7th 2014

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CSA Basic Training Program / May 6th & 7th 2014

Post by Tony Porretta » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:34 pm

If Not Ours, Whose Job Is It ??

With the increasing number of drivers who are leaving the profession due to health conditions there is a shortage of qualified drivers. Many drivers are leaving because of excess violation points and are becoming uninsurable. We, as the truck maintenance industry, can do nothing regarding the health of the drivers, but we can help with the violation problems.

The latest data released regarding the CSA Basics shows the top 10 violations and the point values assigned. Listed in order of frequency:

Description Assigned points
1) Inoperative required light(s) 2
2) No or inoperative lighting / reflective device 3
3) Brake hose / tubing chafing and / or kinking 4
4) Parts / accessories in unsafe condition 2
5) Tire tread depth less than 2/32 of an inch 8
6) Oil and / or grease leak 3
7) Air chamber clamp or mounting device out of adjustment 4
8) No proof of annual vehicle inspection 4
9) No / discharged / unsecured fire extinguisher 2
10) Defective brake-lamps 6

All of these items are maintenance related. Our profession is vehicle maintenance. I think most of our customers believe that we are vehicle maintenance professionals.

Most of these items can be detected when a vehicle is in for any repair and it can be done very quickly. The owners and drivers of the vehicles will be grateful when you inform them that you have inspected the vehicle for possible violations. When you give them a list of what you have found, they will more than likely have the confidence in your knowledge and approve your suggestions of needed repairs.

Three years ago ACOFAS members attended a two day training program to learn all the regulations a driver needs to know. This training does not only include the mechanical requirements of the vehicle, it also includes the requirements for the driver. Documentation for Annual Medical Physical, Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports, Driver Hours of Service Log Book, Annual Vehicle Inspection, Insurance forms, and other requirements were covered at the training program. Is it time to hold another CSA Basic training program? Many of our customers are still not aware of what they are required to do. Many of our members are allowing this opportunity to make partnerships with their customer slip away.

The Answer is yes, ACOFAS is holding another CSA Basic Training meeting May 6th & 7th in the Cleveland area. Our host is ACOFAS member Truck Service, Inc. of Valley View Ohio, Darrell Fife and Don Jones. Watch the Forum for all the details. WWW.acofas.com

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