ACOFAS Dallas Texas Vibration Clinic

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ACOFAS Dallas Texas Vibration Clinic

Post by Tony Porretta » Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:19 am

ACOFAS Dallas Texas Vibration Clinic

“The ACOFAS Dallas Vibration Clinic was very informative and gave us new ways to diagnose vehicle vibrations”, This was the comment made by the new ACOFAS member Larry Engle, Senior Project Engineer of the Manitowoc Crane Group.

ACOFAS members attended this Class from Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Chicago, Pennsylvania and places in between.

The educational meeting was instructed by ACOFAS members:

• Jim Roark: Vibrations and Shakes created by loose or worn steering components,
Mismatched steering components, components improperly assembled.
Also covered was the importance of caster, camber, king pin inclination and turning radius.

• Tony Porretta: Power steering gears and pumps, causing steering shakes due to misalignment of internal components, air in the system or damaged parts.

• Gordon Botts: Worn or improperly assembled suspension components, improper cross-member
Placement, weak frame rails, wrong suspension components installed, also covered was worn or improper drive line components.

A group discussion was held by Barry Ernst, Terry Mayfield, Tom McDonald and Larry Engle regarding the use of the Meritor and Spicer computer programs and the manual triangulation system used for so many years to determine the proper drive line angles.

We again were very fortunate to have Mark Girdner, Field Engineer for Michelin North America, as he covered classroom instruction for recommended safety practices for working with tires. We viewed Mark’s videos of the damage that can happen to people, tires, wheels, vehicles and safety
equipment when safety procedures are not followed properly. Mark stressed the same thing OSHA concentrates on that we covered at our Safety Clinic in Milwaukee two years ago. PPE, Personnel Protection Equipment, If any work is to be done regarding tires, safety rules and equipment must be used.
Mark’s in-shop instruction again covered all safety procedures and proper equipment., he also instructed on tire mounting and installation, diagnostics on tire wear, how to examine the tire, wheel, and hub for excessive run-out .

Our hosts Bob and Dave Steger, owners of Standard Spring & Axle, did a fantastic job to make this clinic a Huge Success.

ACOFAS thanks members Bob and David Steger and the personnel of Standard Spring & Axle for their hospitality during the Vibration Analysis Clinic. Being the host of a meeting that involves your shop is a difficult task and the Steger’s did a Great Job. Bob and David brought in the refreshments for all of the breaks, a lunch on the second day and took everyone to a fun Bar-B-Que restaurant where the food and the beer kept coming. Everyone talked about the fun they had on the night out with the Steger’s.

This is a Fine Example of the education opportunities and camaraderie that makes ACOFAS the Leader in
Relevant Technician Training.

Thank You Bob and David Steger !!!

ACOFAS thanks Mark Girdner and Michelin North America for once again providing us with excellent training for both shop safety and diagnostics for wheel end vibrations.
Mark has the ability to tech seasoned shop owners and technicians methods of tire safety, handling and installation that is either new or had been forgotten. Mark’s personality allows him to teach a very serious subject in a fun manner so no one forgets
Thank you Mark !!

Tony Porretta

Philadelphia, Pa.

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